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 transversal machine for pad print, 135 mm inkcup   A small format, flexible and easy to use pad printing machine which
is supplied with a 135 mm. diam. sealed ink-cup system.
The TG 80/N1C-135 is primarily a hand loaded and unloaded semi-automatic machine although it can be easily integrated as part of an
automatic production line.

The Tampograf technology ensures minimal solvent evaporation and
allows single pack inks to be left in situ in the machine indefinitely
for ongoing work.

Scheda tecnicaDownload technical schedule (PDF format)
- Ink-cup cycle with or without pad operation.
- Quick release fittings for ink-cups and cliché plate
- Fast machine set up (without the need of tools).
- Robust machine construction all varnished with solvent resistant paint.
- Completely pneumatic (6 BAR)
- Completely fireproof
- Safe and easy to operate controls
- Pinned cliché plate avoids registration problems.
- Ink-cup with patented push-on reversible ceramic ring
- Intelligent pad. Can print on any level (even lower than the level of the cliché)
- The machine can stay for long periods tooled and ready to print.
- Production (adj.): max. auto cycle speed 1200 print passes per/hr.
- Ink-cup size: 135 mm. diam.
- Printable area: max. 130 mm. diam.
- Cliché plate: 150 x 290 mm. in thin steel or high quality photopolymer.
- Pad fixing: quick release pad holder with magnetic x, y, z adjustment.
- Working cycle: single, continuous,commanded by an external line, ink remixing
- Pad force: 400 N. optional 800 N.
- Pad stroke: variable, air regulated down travel of pad up to a max. of 75 mm. self-adjusting.
- In/Out: with sensor for end of stroke and for presence of substrate built into the machine.
- Compressed air feed: 6 BAR.
- Piece-holding turret: cross table x, y, z and r for fine regulations
- Head dimensions: 470 x 470 x 480 mm.
- Dimensions with the table base:470 x 740 x 610 mm
- Dimensions with the pedestal:470 x 740 x 1330 mm
- Options: automatic scotch tape pad cleaning device.