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machines to padprint from 1 to 5 colours, accessories, drying oven, transporting belt, automations  
Large electro-pneumatic format. This flexible easy to use sealed cup pad
printing machine can be supplied with either a traditional back - forward
cup movement or, to maximize potential length of printing area, our patented transversal doctoring system.
The TG 150 is extremely versatile and can be tooled with cliché plates of
various dimensions up to 850 mm. length and optional ink-cup sizes to 90, 135, 160, 180 mm.
Max. pad-pressure of 5500, 3600 or 1800 N. can be selected on order.
The TG 150 can be synchronized with any automatic line or loaded and unloaded manually.

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- Change of ink and cliché in a few seconds
- Robust construction and varnished with powder resistant paint
- Machine is electro-pneumatic, commands extremely easy to use
- Pinned cliché, so no need for registration
- Hermetic ink-cup with patented push-on reversible ceramic ring, so doubles working life.
- Built-in device to vary the inter-axis between the ink-cups (only in the traditional version).
- Can print on any level (even lower than the level of the cliché)
- The machine can immediately restart work after long periods of inactivity
- Production/hr. (adj.): approx. 800/900 pc/hr. dry run.
- Cliché holding table: can be supplied with dim. from 250x650 to 250x850 mm.
- Cliché plate: 5 variable (user defined) sizes of thin steel or photopolymer cliché plate up to a max. 250 x 850 mm., with 2 punched location holes.
Other sizes which can be utilized are 250 x 395, 250 x 450, 250 x 585 and 250 x 750 mm.
- Printable area: is dependant on size and number of ink-cups employed.
- Pad-holder: fixed magnetically to slide allows rapid set-up.
- Working cycle: single, continuous, step by step or commanded by an external line, ink remixing.
- Pad force: can be regulated by operator constantly, during working cycles.
- Pad stroke: down travel up to max. 200 mm.
- In/Out: with sensor for end of stroke and presence of substrate built into the machine.
- Feed: compressed air 6 BAR
- Main supply: 240 V. - 50 Hz.
- Piece-holding turret: adj. on axes x, y, z and r. for fine regulation.
- Dimensions: 1000x1700x1900 mm.
- Options: automatic scotch tape pad cleaning device.