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a real jewel of  pad printing that is servo-controlled and it can be programmed  to take the logo to print from different areas of the cliché and deposit it on different areas of the object with an extreme accuracy.  

This large extra-flexible, electro-pneumatic machine, with numeric control (plc), is the result of applied experience and research in pad-printing technology. The TG 250MC has been created to satisfy the printing requirements in more colours on medium/large surfaces. Built to be inserted in any automatic production line, it can also be employed by an operator (manual loading and unloading).

advantage technology

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- Change of ink and cliché in a few seconds
- Database to memorize set-up, recallable by code
- Rapid set-up (without tools). Pinned cliché so no need for registration
- Robust construction and varnished with solvent resistant paint
- Machine is electro-pneumatic servo-assisted, commands extremely easy to use
- Hermetic ink-cup with patented doctor blade ring in ceramic  with 2 lips (double working life) diam. 90, 135 or 160 mm.
  Built-in device to vary the inter-axis between the ink-cups
- Can print on any level (even lower than the level of the cliché)
- Pad controlled numerically, different stroke for each colour
- Axis: numeric control brushless motors, centesimal precision
- The machine can easily restart work after long periods of   inactivity
- Production/hr. (adj.): from approx. 400 to 800 pc/hr. dry run (calculated for 5 colours)
- Max. diameter of print: from 60 mm. (12 colours) to 160 mm.
  (4 colours) using our patented hermetic ink-cups
- Max. size of cliché: 340x750 mm. in plastic or thin steel
- Pad-holder: fixed magnetically to the slide allows rapid set-up (without tools)
- Working cycle: single, continuous, step by step or commanded by an external line
- Pads: can be mounted on independent cylinders
- Pad force: 5500 N.
- Pad stroke: 200 mm. adjustable for each colour
- In/Out: with sensor for end of stroke and for presence of substrate built into the machine
- Compressed air and tension: 7 BAR and 220 V.
- Piece-holding turret: adj. on axes x, y, z and r
- Dimensions: 1800x1200x2000 mm.
- Dimensioni: 1800 x 1200 x 2000 mm.