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 pad printing macchine to print 2 colours  
This small extra flexible series of machines is the result of applied experience and research in the pad-printing technology. The TG 80/N2 has been created to satisfy the printing requirements in two colours on small surfaces. Can be loaded and unloaded manually for small/medium series or inserted in any automatic line for large series.
advantage technology
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- Change of ink and cliché in a few seconds
- Rapid set-up (without tools)
- Robust construction and varnished with solvent resistant paint
- Completely pneumatic (6 BAR)
- Completely fire proof
- Extremely easy to use
- Pinned cliché
- Hermetic ink-cup with patented doctor blade ring in ceramic with 2 lips so working life is doubled
- Intelligent pad. Can print on any level (even lower than the level of the cliché)
- Independent pads which permit 2 subsequent prints to be made on different levels
- The two pads move individually onto the substrate
- The machine can stay for long periods tooled and ready to print
- Production/hr. (adj.): approx. 1000 pc / hr
- Max. diameter of print: 40, 55 or 85 mm. for each colour using our patented hermetic ink-cups
- Max. dim. of cliché: 193x200 mm. in plastic or this steel
- Pad-holder: fixed magnetically to the slide allows rapid set-up (without tools)
- Working cycle: single; continuous, commanded by an external line
- Pads: mounted on 2 cylinders, independent from each other
- Pad-force: 800 N. for each colour
- Pad-stroke: 75 mm. self-adjustable for each colour
- In/Out: with sensor for end of stroke and for presence built into the machine
- Feed: compressed air 6 BAR
- Piece-holding turret: adj. on axes x, y, z and r
- Dimensions: 400x700x700 mm.