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transversal tampo printing machine with slider, 1 colour, special accessories  
This small extra flexible series of machines is the result of applied experience and research in pad-printing technology. The TG 80/N trasversal machine has been created to print long images. Loading and unloading manually or it can be inserted in any automatic line for large series.

Technical sheetDownload technical schedule (PDF format)
- Change of ink and cliché in a few seconds
- Rapid set-up (without tools)
- Robust construction and varnished with solvent resistant paint
- Completely pneumatic (6 BAR)
- Completely fireproof
- Extremely easy to use
- Pinned cliché
- Hermetic ink-cup with patented doctor blade ring in ceramic with 2 lips so working life is doubled
- The ink-cup works transversally, enlarging the printing dimensions
- Intelligent pad. Can print on any level (even lower than the level of the cliché)
- The machine can stay for long periods tooled and ready to print
- Production/hr. (adj.): approx. 1200 pc / hr
- Max. diameter of print: 40,55 or 85 mm. using our patented
  hermetic ink-cups
- With a 90 mm. diameter ink-cup a max. of up to 85x220 mm. can be printed
- Max. size of cliché: 100x340 mm. in plastic or thin steel
- Pad-holder: fixed magnetically to the slide allows rapid set-up (without tools)
- Working cycle: single; continuous; commanded by an external line.
- Pad-force: 800 N.
- Pad-stroke: 75 mm. self-adjusting
- In/Out: with sensor for end of stroke and for presence of substrate built into the machine
- Feed: compressed air 6 BAR
- Piece-holding turret: adj. on axes x, y, z and r
- Dimensions: 400x700x700 mm.